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Enriching walks make happy dogs


We offer a range of pet services & dog walking in Plymouth and the South Hams

Dog Walker in the park

Dog Walking Groups

Our dog walking groups ensure your pet is well taken care of even when you are not at home. We offer this service for all sizes and breeds of dog. Our groups are no larger than four ensuring your pet is given lots of care and attention. Our specialised enriched walks will take place in woodland, green spaces and local beaches to make sure your dogs physical and mental health needs are well taken care of. Your fury friend will be collected in our fully equipped air conditioned van and dropped back home, water topped up, having had a great time, fully satisfied and ready for a snooze.

Solo Dog Walking

Our pets are as individual as we are and may require something a little different from group walks. We understand that some dogs need their own space and our solo walk service will give them just that. Our walks are packed full of fun and enrichment that will give you peace of mind and your dog the extra care and attention they need.  As with our group walks we will collect your loving friend from home in our fully equipped air conditioned van and dropped back, water topped up, fully satisfied, and enjoy a relaxing rest of the day.

Solo Dog walking Plymouth
Puppy pet visits Plymouth

Puppy Programme & Visits

Do you have a puppy who is too young to our join our walks? No problem. Regardless of your puppy’s breed and age our service can be curated to fit your new puppy’s needs. Your puppy will receive a visit for 45 minutes this will include a welfare check and numerous opportunities to go to the toilet. We will clean the puppy’s area if required to ensure the puppy is clean and safe for the rest of the day. With your permission during this time we can start to introduce some basic commands such as sit, stand, fetch and recall training if required. All this interaction and work will certainly give your puppy something to think about and tire them out ready for a snooze when we leave.

Pet Visits & Holiday Service

If you’re going away on a holiday don’t stress about the small fury (or not so furry) things back home. Whether you have a cat, bird, reptile, rodent or fish our pet visits and holiday service will ensure your pet in left in safe hands. We visit by during the day to feed, clean and top up water to ensure your pet is well looked after. Should your pet require some exercise out of their enclosure we can do that too. All creatures great and small deserve good quality care from a loving professional.

Holiday Dog Pet Visits Plymouth
The dog walker van

Why use The Dog Walker?

I have loved and cared for animals all my life. With lots of experience and training I understand the expectations of all pet parents and can curate my service to best meet your pets needs. After a 20 year professional career in the NHS I am skilled at ensuring all beings have an excellent quality of life through enrichment activity and your pet is no exception.  

I have set up my business to ensure that extra steps are taken to make sure every animal is safe and happy in every situation when with The Dog Walker:

Customer Assurances

Fully Insured

DBS Checked

Air Conditioned Van

Crated Transportation

Canine First Aid Trained

Pet Care & Dog Walking Qualified

Data Protection Compliant

Apple Air Tags used for Canine Security

The Dog Walker provides real solutions to the most common situations pet owners face. I am always learning about new care techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can be the best Dog Walker and Pet Service in Plymouth. 

Small Terrier dog

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